Lost Horizon 1937

Lost Horizon Frank Capra Movie

Premiered in San Francisco on March 2,1937
Opened in New York City March 3, 1937
Opened in Los Angeles March 10, 1937
General release, September 1, 1937

Multiple versions of the film exist:

  • 95 minute version for 1952 reissue and early Television broadcast.
  • 118 minute version (early Television broadcasts)
  • 134 minute reconstructed version (available on DVD AMAZON.COM)
  • 180 minute version (original cut, with Ronald Coleman
    onboard a ship with flashback to Shangra-La. No known
    versions of this original cut are known to exist. )

Lost Horizon

Filmed in Black and White
Recorded in mono track sound

14 Reel movie (12,094 feet of iflm)

Production was between March 23 and July 17, 1936, with final reshooting during December 1936.

Based upon the novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton (New York, 1933).

LOst Horizon Poster

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