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Meet John Doe
[Above: Still image from the rooftop suicide scene from Meet John Doe.]

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Born May 18, 1897 in Bisacquino, Sicily, Italy

Died September 3, 1991 in La Quinta, California

Biographical Timeline of Capra's Life 1897 - 1930

REVIEW: It Happened One Night from
May 1934 New Republic Magazine

REVIEW: It Happened One Night from
April 1935 The Nation Magazine

REVIEW: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town from
May 1936 National Board of Review Magazine

REVIEW: Lost Horizon from
March 1937 National Board of Review Magazine

Letter About Directing written by Frank Capra from
1939 New York Times Newspaper

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(Capra was asked where he would have ended up if he had not become a film director):

start quoteWith [Dr. Edwin] Hubble. As an astronomer. I could study the stars and the planets forever. I always wanted to know why, why... Pictures changed my mind. I was too far along in the movie business. But when I go back to [Capra's college] Caltech now and hear about things I'm not familiar with, like black holes, goddamn! I get mad. How the hell I ever refused that I don't know... But it seems like motion pictures have a terrible hold on me. I don't know what it is...end quote

(From Joseph McBride's book Frank Capra: The Catastrophe of Success, page 655.)

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