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Erik Weems

Graphic Design


Trifold Brochure Graphic Design

Brochure Outside

BCPI Brochure Inside


BCPI "Electronic Discovery" Brochure BCPI Web Site

Poster BCPI

BCPI "GO GREEN" Poster BCPI Web Site

Billboard design for Boat Dock Services

Boat Dock Services Billboard

BCPI Certificate Design

BCPI Certificate Appreication Design BCPI Web Site

To Scotland and Back

Book Cover Design To Scotland and Back To Scotland and Back Web Site

Charts and Graphics

CHarts Lung Disease

Lung Disease Support Group Breath Matters

Flow Chart Design graphic

Flow Chart Organization Chart Design

BCPI CLoud Computing

BCPI Cloud Computing Flyer Design BCPI Web Site

Duboy Inc

Advertising After the Econoquake Book Cover Design Duboy Marketing Web Site

Vermont Bride Magazine Design

Vermont Bride Magazine Design VT Bride Web Site
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