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The pages on the contain research materials and many lists of various research items, with analysis and commentary added at times. These are provided at no cost to any user and are a reflection of the research projects at

Quoted and excerpted materials are presented as items of research utilized under the U.S. Government "fair use" copyright law.

Unless otherwise noted, original materials at (anaylsis, narrative descriptions, research synopsis and commentary, etc.,) are copyright and all rights are reserved.

How to cite this web site for the purpose of student papers:

How to cite this web site:

Based upon the Chicago Manual of Style. For your footnotes or endnotes you may cite as:

1 Erik E. Weems, ed., Website, 5 April 2016,, <>, Page Title [insert here].

[Note: change the date above which is in bold letters with the date you used this website. Substitute the page titled, "Page Title " with the page that you are noting in your schoolwork.]

Additional citations should be in the form of this example:

2 Weems, Introduction to Subject [or use the appropriate author and title]

3 Ibid., Review of Images of Women Exhibit Goya [ or use the appropriate author and title]

We hope that you enjoy the web site and find the research provided here useful.

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