My Gale Research List

Book series published by Gale Research / Thomson-Gale

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Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism

Twentieth-Century Literature Criticism

Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism

Contemporary Literary Criticism

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800

Why is this list here?

The goal of these pages (My Gale Research List) is to list the topics of each volume according to the respective series. I have found these books to be very helpful for researching particular topics pertaining to literary subjects. This list of volumes is not completely thorough, but covers only the books I have in my own library (which is certainly not the enire Gale research library, which is quite enormous).

This list is meant to help speed the research of the interested reader to their particular topic (I use these lists myself). This should prove to be an assistance to the person who is using a library that is stocked with Gale research books, or if you're using your library or school access to the huge online digital world of Gale.

No articles are available here, only index lists of topics according to volume. Use Gale Research online to read the actual articles, or use the printed volumes which are in many schools and libraries. - - Erik Weems

This is an Unoffical Index of topics and author-subjects in Gale Research Books