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Goya Biography

I am Goya!... I am the voice Of war, the charred wood of towns...
I am the throat of the woman whose hanged body, like a bell,
Clanged over the empty square...I am Goya!
By Andrei Voznesensky, 1958


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Books on Goya


bullet Timeline of Goya's Life 1746 - 1828

bullet An Introduction to Goya

bullet A Goya Biography
Museo del Prado (Copyright 1961 Ediciones Minos)

bullet The Last Days of Goya
By Thomas Craven (Copyright 1932 Thomas Craven)


bullet The Black Paintings
Special Section

bullet About the Black Paintings
Excerpt from Xavier de Salas book Goya, 1978.

bullet The Black Painting Controversy
Excerpt from Arthur Lubow's article in New York Magazine 2003.


bullet 2006 Interview with Goya writer Dr. Sarah Symmons
An internet interview from March 2006

bullet 2004 Interview with Goya writer Dr. Sarah Symmons
An internet interview conducted in 2004

bullet Goya Author Dr. Sarah Symmons
A general page about the writer and lecturer.

bullet Professor Antonio Perales Martinez
Information about the Goya authentication expert & art restorer.

bullet Chief Goya Curator Manuela Mena at the Prado
Article translated from the Spanish that appeared in Heraldo November 2005.

bullet Robert Hughes
A page about Hughes and his book Goya, published in 2003.


bullet What's Happening with Goya?
Reprinted by permission from Fundetel Magazine.

bullet Is there a Goya in your home?
Article translated from the Spanish El Semanal.

bullet Goya Micro-Signatures
Reprinted by permission from Subastas Magazine.

bullet Controversy at the Prado
Translation of the article published in the Spanish ABC Journal, Sunday May 5, 2002, pages 52 and 53. Reprinted by permission.


bullet Goya and Velasquez
Brief survey about the relationship between two of Spain's most famous painters.

bullet Milkmaid of Bordeaux
Information about the painting and the arguments of attribution

bullet Saturn
Short essay about the painting and it's meanings

bullet Goya and Mirrors
Short comparison of Goya art utilizing mirrors

bullet Caricature & Los Caprichos
Excerpt from Saturn: An Essay on Goya by Andrè Malraux, 1957


bullet Review of the "Goya: Images of Women" Exhibit


bullet "Goya's Ghosts " The film directed by Milos Forman

bullet "Goya in Bordeaux" The film by Carlos Saura

bullet Goya Book List

bullet Robert Hughes, author of Goya 2003

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