Dutch Gap Lagoon
Dutch Gap Lagoon

Colors of Autumn at Dutch Gap lagoonAutumn reflection on waters of the Dutch Gap lagoon

This site dedicated to the natural beauty of the Chesterfield area, with additional information and statistics.

Chesterfield County is located in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the 10th state of the United States (Virginia entered the Union on June 26, 1788).1 The county of Chesterfield was founded in 1749 on May 25 and named after Lord Chesterfield (aka Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, lived 1694-1773) who was a British statesman. 2 The population of Chesterfield in the year 2017 is est. 343,599, up from the year 2009 which had an est. of 306,670 (up from the 2006 estimate of 296,718 by the U.S. Census Bureau, an increase of 14% from the official census count in 2000). 3

Chesterfield is in the metropolitan area of Richmond, the capitol of Virginia. Chesterfield's land mass is 425 square miles, with an average of 610 persons per mile. The U.S. Census lists the median household income for Chesterfield as $63,931 for 2006. Retail sales in 2006 are estimated at $2.8 million, and manufacturing in Chesterfield shipped approximately $3.1 million in goods in 2006. 4

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Peppermint Rose

Last rose blooms - November 10, 2019

Boating on the Henricus Lagoon - James River

Danger on the James River

On the Channel Walking bridge over the James River at the Dutch Gap-Henricus Lagoon

Shoreline waters of Dutch Gap

Autumn colors at the Henricus / Dutch Gap Conservation Area Lagoon

Tree bark at the Lagoon

Geese and Turtles

Geese and Turtles at Dutch Gap

Leaf bug Chesterfield Virginia

Filming the lagoon in Henricus - Virginia

Photographing around the Dutch Gap conservation area is full of surprises. There is a large variety of animals and insects all around, and always nearby is the waters of the "lagoon," an old piece of the James River that was separated from the main flow by engineering. By cutting a canal through a peninsula, this separated out a loop of the river into it's own world, though still marginally fed by the James making it's long trip down to the Chesapeake.

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Photos by Erik Weems - for prints: prints@erikweems.com

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