Getting A Web Site

It's too easy to create an "invisible" site

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Creating a Web Site that gets seen

The problem: Placing your web site on a ubiquitous low-cost "server farm" means your site will be virtually invisible. Web site #943,437 on a massive hosting system is frequently unknown to everyone except the billing agent for the hosting company.

Using generic tools to create a generic web site can produce something that looks fine to the eye, only no eyes will be seeing the site because of three main factors:

  • Lack of basic search-engine-ready meta code on the page
  • No Google and Bing tracking ID codes
  • No other web site knows that this new web site exists, therefore no other site has a link to the new site for the search-engine indexing bots to follow

The solution is build the site while instalingl the fundamental meta codes and tracking data that Google, Bing and other search engines use to index web sites (and provide free) , and to then have your site linked up to a variety of older, established sites that are regularly 'crawled' by search engine bots.

No, this doesn't make your site instantly popular, but it makes your site stand out from the millions of web sites that do not fulfill on these basic requirements to become "visible" online. With these simple actions taken, Google and Bing (and other search engines) know your site exists and are including it in their search results. This sets the stage for building the popularity of your site and to move it up through the search engine rankings.

What do you need?

What a web site is supposed to do is molded by your intentions. If it is to publicise your business or organization, then it needs to meet simple content requirements set by Google and the other search engines so that they pay attention to the site and update their information as you update your site. A strategy to keep your site fresh and active is usually the best way to go forward.

What I ask you when you call the web designer:

  • Who are the people that you want to see your web site?
  • How are they supposed to respond?
  • Do you want to be able to edit the site yourself?
  • Who will be marketing the site?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Is ease of use for you the most important thing, or is speed and online efficiency for the end user more important?
  • Do you already have a social media presence to coordinate with your web site?


The internet is a complex creation and it keeps changing all of the time. It is constantly being altered by millions of users. The basics do not change, however, and ignoring the fundamentals is foolish.

Erik Weems

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