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World of Goya and Those Who Would Be Goya - New York Times

"The selections on view from the Met's collection include some of the artist's most brilliantly improvisatory works. They range from figures of young couples, light-hearted but dissolute, in the early "Album B" (1796-97), to the nightmarish witches and goblins of "Album D" (1801-1803), to politically charged tableaux like the one captioned "God Save Us From Such a Bitter Fate" in Album E (1806-17), showing a young woman and her child being led away at knife point by a highwayman.

....The idea of bringing the audience in on this kind of backstage debate is an intelligent one. The museum has explored it on a smaller scale in the past and has plans to exploit it further in the very near future. ("Rembrandt/Not Rembrandt," which opens next month, will scrutinize yet another, much larger, body of paintings whose attributions seem to change by the day.)"

El Coloso - The Giant - Goya

Los Caprichos Goya - Amazon

GOYA : Los Caprichos - Dover Edition - Amazon

Goya Book - Robert Hughes - 2006


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