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Pakistan Daily Times carried [link is dead] a short notice that a previously unseen Christ carving by a 20-year old Michelangelo is to be exhibited in Florence in May:

"The tiny statue, 41 by 39 centimetres, is made of limewood and shows a crucified Jesus with his head slightly slumped, the cross he was once attached to long missing. "

On the other hand, "ART experts have dismissed claims a privately owned wooden statuette of Christ is the work of Michelangelo." Story at The Australian. [link is dead]


APRIL 2004: USA TODAY article by Franco Origlia:

"On May 24, more than a year after the start of a very public and equally contentious restoration, Michelangelo's Goliath David will be back in full public view here in the cradle of the Renaissance. And in September, the perfect man, as he is often known, will celebrate"

Another restoration article at the Detroit News. [Link is dead]


The Pixar movie studio (They made the Finding Nemo movie) is working on a digital model of the David statue which will incorporate sights not typically noticed by the naked eye. Long story (which covers much more than the David digitization at the Cornell newspaper): [Link is dead]

Levoy discussed the Digital Michelangelo Project and the Forma Urbis Romae Project in Alumni Auditorium on April 21. With an architecture background and a faculty position in the computer science department at Stanford, Levoy focuses on the cross of art and computers.

Using laser scanners, Levoy spent a year in Florence digitizing Michelangelo's most famous works of art. Levoy said his motivations for doing the project included challenging three-dimensional technology and helping art historians.

The detailed images show marks left by Michelangelo's chisel that are not visible to the naked eye. The project also exposed views that are not easy to see, such as the top of David's head and even his anatomically incorrect furrowed brow.

"Michelangelo knew exactly what he could get away with," Levoy said.


Irving Stone's wife, who helped considerably in the writing of the Michelangleo biographical novel "The Agony and the Ecstacy," has died at the age of 93.

"While working on "The Agony and the Ecstasy," Jean Stone studied Renaissance culture and the Italian language at UCLA before she and Irving moved to Rome and Florence, Italy, for an extended period. "

Obituary article at the Washington Post here. [Link is dead]

Here is an alternative Obit at the Los Angeles Times.


"...when Michelangelo's Moses was given a bath, there was little attention paid.

That gentle scrubbing was part of a recently completed, five-year restoration that has brought a fresh shimmer to the sculpture of Moses and to the half-dozen others in a captivating tableau known as the Tomb of Pope Julius II inside the Church of San Pietro in Vincoli in central Rome."

Article at New York Times here.


"Some of Michelangelo's love poetry, which he had intended to publish with a dedication to his muse, Vittoria Colonna, is to be published as a collection for the first time.

The poems, written more than 450 years ago, were never published together as he had planned, possibly because of his artistic workload."

Article at UK Telegraph. [Link is dead]


Michelangelo to Vasari: Drawing the Figure in Renaissance

The exhibit consists of drawings from the first Accademia del Disegno (Academy of Drawing). Established in 1563 by the famous Renaissance patron Cosimo I dé Medici, the Academy was headed by Visari. The students studied Michelangelo along with other Renaissance artists and the ancient Greeks.

Article at Daily Trojan. [Link is dead]


The Dallas Ft. Worth Star-Telegram has an article on the "top ten sculpture of all time."

"It would just be wrong not to include Michelangelo," says Timothy Potts, director of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. "He was virtually considered a god when he died, and he has never fallen out of favor." In the world of sculpture there

The story by Gaile Robinson is dfw.com. [Link is dead]


The David statue is getting a high-tech cleaning by low tech means amid protests

Not many people get to look Michelangelo´s David straight in the eyes. But Cinzia Parnigoni, equipped with brushes, a microscope and a bottle of distilled water, does so every day.

´It´s like lifting a curtain or removing a shadow...´

The story at Artdaily [Link is dead]

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